Friday, June 25, 2010

The CalArts Story (1964)

The CalArts Story
originally presented at the 1964 gala premiere of Mary Poppins
(which is, coincidentally, the first movie I ever saw in a theatre)

"No nation, and no community, can flourish, or possibly even survive, unless it provides full opportunities for the encouragement, the development, and the full utilization of the intellectual and the artistic talents of its people."
Lee A. DuBridge

Monday, June 14, 2010


To the Memory
Adam Allyn Comedian
Departed this Life
February 15 1768

This Stone Was Erected
By the American Company
As a
of their
Unfeignd Regard

He Posesed
Many good Qualitys
But as he was a man
Had the Frailties
Common to man's Nature

St. Paul's Churchyard, Wall Street, NYC

Here is a news article about the headstone,
found in the Lewiston Evening Journal, November 11, 1899,
followed by a life insurance advertisement running alongside the news item.