Saturday, September 25, 2010

calvin | the immense weight of glory

Wherever you turn your eyes, there is no portion of the world that does not exhibit some sparks of beauty. It is impossible to contemplate the vast and beautiful fabric without being overwhelmed by the immense weight of glory.

John Calvin,
Institutes of the Christian Religion

france freeman | iphone photos

iPhone photos by france freeman

freeman is a professional photographer
and photo blogger from seattle

Thursday, September 23, 2010

geoffrey hill | accessibility

Accessible is a perfectly good word if applied to supermarket aisles, art galleries, polling stations and public lavatories, but it has no place in the discussion of poetry and poetics. Human beings are difficult. We're difficult to ourselves; we're difficult to each other and we are mysteries to ourselves; we are mysteries to each other. One encounters in any ordinary day far more real difficulty than one confronts in the most "intellectual" piece of work. Why is it believed that poetry, prose, painting, music should be less than we are? Why does music, why does poetry have to address us in simplified terms, when, if such simplifications were applied to our own inner selves, we would find it demeaning?

Geoffrey Hill
Professor of Poetry, Oxford University
from "Who's Afraid Of Geoffrey Hill?" by Gregory Wolfe, Image Journal, Summer 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

photos | found wanting | betty spackman installation


I took these photos during a visit to Betty Spackman's Fort Langley studio in February of this year. The first ten images are elements of the "Found Wanting" project, in progress at that time. The rest are general shots of the artist's studio. The completed installation is presently showing at the Penticton Art Gallery, where it will run until November 7. In 2011 it moves to the Reach Gallery in Abbotsford, opening January 27.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

photos | piers, tunstall bay

iPhone photos, treated with filters from the Camera Bag app
Tunstall Bay, Bowen Island

Monday, September 06, 2010

jay griffiths | resplendently unnecessary

Play matters because, against the gray backdrop of a jobbing sky, play is the rainbow, is energy, is wicked flirtatiousness, is the helplessly laughing, the leglessly laddered, the God of Things which Brimmeth Over, the pint down the pub, the de trop overflow of excess, the resplendently unnecessary and the one-too-many which make the whole damn thing worthwhile. Play is harvest, is abundance, is generosity, the harvest of pleasure after work, the excess and the gusto, the more-than-enough, the gifts, the spirit of exchange. To play a game is, in German ein Spiel spielen, and the brimmingness, the spilling-over abundance of play is mirrored in this brimming-over phrase: spill it, spiel it twice — just for fun.

Jay Griffiths
A Sideways Look at Time

photo | lantern, public dreams society | folk festival 2010

Sunday, September 05, 2010

hoagy carmichael | on stardust

"And then it happened, that queer sensation that this melody was bigger than me. Maybe I hadn't written it at all. The recollection of how, when and where it all happened became vague as the lingering strains hung in the rafters of the studio. I wanted to shout back at it, 'Maybe I didn't write you, but I found you.' "

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

photos | sunflowers

iPhone photos
filtered with camera bag

granville street, south of 41st
west side of the street, with the sun low in the sky