Thursday, December 31, 2015

two found poems 2015 | assembled from the pages of the new yorker


Earthlings are fragile, demanding, and germy,
not obviously suited to life elsewhere.

Some people say it's meteorites that fell,
that crashed,
and that this catastrophe splashed up gold.
I don't subscribe to this theory,
but I am sharing it with you.
Now the rivers are polluted and dying,
the government forests cut down,
the groundwater failing.
The river never ended, and the children never grew up.
A time of broken windows.

I daydream about Nancy in my bedroom as I listen to my jazz records:
Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker, the MJQ,
various cool sounds to settle me down.
And yet there's something that I find myself craving these days;
that rude resistance to being sold to,
the insistence that there is, after all, such a thing as selling out.

Sometimes we're knowing about things that we don't know much about at all.


Do not push it with the vegetables.
Those who order the pear-and-kale salad,
curiously wet,
will get what they deserve.
It is unusually barbarous,
and good at Twitter.

by Ron Reed

Monday, December 21, 2015

christmas dreams | three collages | ron reed

dream one | conception

God spoke.
My own true love.
My chosen.
My handmaid
has silence in her soul, untrammeled love.

A time to be born.
Sudden dive by dream into reality.

I felt
soft inward flutterings,
the Life
trembling through.

Love blooms,
bright and wild.
Veiled in flesh,
Jesus begs to be born,
yields Himself to lie in prison,
in thee;
Yea thou art now thy Maker's maker,
and thy Father's mother;
Thou hast light in dark,
and shuttest in little room
cloistered in thy dear womb.

He comes.

dream two | birth

She waits while over there he knocks.
No room.
The steaming dung of beasts, their cloudy breath.
She fought the burning in her eyes.
The straw was cold, and snapped sounding each time
her body rolled.
Be strong as steel lest Joseph sense the pain you feel.
Blood strewn straw...
Father be with us in the ripping dark.
Her knotted string wet hair...
Sweat from trembling lips...
He wrestles straining flesh
To free the stubborn child
From clutching womb
Pushing through
Blood sweat groans
A sword shall pierce

An infant whimper in the dark.
The fresh born king
bewails the warm womb lost,
an earthly roar of flesh and blood;
his hair curly black
eyes closed
His thin legs kick as Joseph
places him in Mary's arms.
Small wonder...
Fingers of a little child uncurling...
The living water cupped at Mary's breast.

He comes.
Love's bloom,
bright and wild.

Unto us a child is born.
Unto us a son is given.

dream three | angels

I dreamed I was
some bird or star
fluttering in woods
or lifted far above this inn.
The triumph of the skies,
wide, wheeling universe;
Reeling Andromeda,
the doubtful Magellanic clouds,
And all the silent dark light years unstrung between.

A dream,
the dark silk of the sky
above the town of Bethlehem.


Like flares the angels came,
Brilliant zones of white cold flame shatter this
proud cracked place
like a white blaze, lighting the air all around.
That great arc of angels!
See how their breath doth smoke.
Burning men
In flight with singing star bursts from the hills.
Voices dip and soar like doves;

Fear not!
Glad tidings!
Great joy!

A Kingdom, like a bride adorned, descends.
The reign of darkness ends.
He comes.
The wildest miracle of them all.

a child's christmas in texas | john henry faulk

One day after Christmas down in Texas, it was a cold and bitter day, I picked up a little boy about twelve years old in my car. Cheerful, his smile fairly warmed the car up and took the chill off the day, his whole body radiated joy.

And he said, "D'you see Sandy Claus yesterdee?"

And I says, "Yeah, he came up to our place."

He says, "Boy, we had the wonderfullest Christmas in the whole Newnited States America at our house. You know, Sandy Claus never did come out to our place before this. Nine us childern, and Papa says he reckons old Sandy Claus is skeert
to come out there and park them reindeer around cause somebody's liable to steal one and butcher it fore he can get away with it.

Papa's always jokin like that, but here just before Christmas time last week, well, Papa got word that they was givin things away in town for people that wasn't gonna have no Christmas, that Sandy Claus was gonna leave somethin with the Shriners or somebody like that, Salvation Army, and if ye go in town you could git it. So he hooked up the mules day before yesterdee on Christmas Eve. He told us Now don't go gettin all upset and tore up about this because they might not be a thing to it, I aint sure I'm gonna bring nothin back. But shuckins, we couldn't hardly wait, boy, we couldn't git our minds on playin nothin else you know, we just kept lookin up the lane, waitin for that wagon team to come back.

And mama, she was just as bad as we was. She'd say, Now y'all quit gittin so tore up about this, cause you heard your Papa say you might not git nothin.

And sure enough, long bout four clock in the afternoon here we heared the wagon acomin, and papa had them mules in a full trot, n th harness was just a janglin. And when he come in sight, he uz standin up in the wagon, holdin two great big old chickens out, no feathers on em, up. And a yellin "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas." And he stopped the mules right in front of the gate and us childun just went acrawlin out through the fence you know, and moma come a hurrying down the walk, n we run out there, and climbed, swarmed over that wagon just like a flock a chi chis y'know, alookin in it, and papa standin up thar a holdin them two big old nekked chickens and a'yellin merry Christmas, just a grinnin like a new ray uh sun.

And y'oughta of seen alla things that was in that wagon. Apples n real orngiss y'know, and stripe-itty candy, and nuts, and mama, she uz hold the baby in her arms and she peeked over in there an she just caught her breath. And she looked up at poppa and he's standin there, and he wretched down and dropped the chickens, caught the baby outa momma's arms and just lift him up and said "Merry Christmas Sandy Claus to yih."

And we all started talkin at the same time, askin momma what this was and that was, and she's pointin out them nuts. They wasn't just peanuts, this' nuts with foreign names you know and ev'thang in there. And it's just wondrous.

And all a sudden papa, we heared him sing out, "Merry Christmas Sam Jackson. Did you go in town and git some Sandy Claus too?"

Sam Jackson you know, he's that colored farmer that share crops right next to our place, and he was leadin that old cripple mule of his'n down the lane, and we all of us stopped up and looked up there t'ard im n he kinda shook ees head n he said, "No sir Mr Willis, sure ditn'. I ditn' know it was fer everybody, I just thought it was fer the white folks and ditn go in."

Papa says, "W'I d'clar." And he looked out mama-- Y'know Sam Jackson his family's hepped us out with crops a lot the time when mama got down in her back and coult'n do it, and we think a heap uh them. And papa looked at moma and mama looked at him and just kinda smiled like, and papa just sang out, "Sam, I forgot to tell ya, Old Sandy Claus left part this here in there f'you and he said to be sure to try n git word to ye, that you and your wife n younguns spose to come down here n have Christmas 'th us tmorrah now, cause we gonna Christmas gift it all day long."

In Sam Jackie said, "You sure about that now Mr Will?" Papa said, "Sure about it? I don't want to git Sandy Claus mad at me, listen, he liable to tire me up if you don't git down here. You all come early in stay late." And Mama she sang out n said, "You tell your wife bring now some pots n pans, cause we gonna have a heap a cookin t'do tomorrow. It goin be Christmas time in this hawse."

In, in Sam Jackson said, "Awright," n boy he went walkin off and all, and we's just talkin n'all, that night we couldn't hardly sleep y'know, we just couldn't git t'bed. We was layin there on the pallets, me n old Ernie, n we'd nudge each other n just geegle y'know, n creep up n crawl on all fours in thar n look in the kitchen n see if that was in there, boy. N you know, mama 'n papa'd say "Y'all better shut up n go on to bed now cause Sandy Claus goin get mad 't'y'll," n then he'd laugh hisself.

N Boy, next morning sun just come up n looked Christmas time, just smilin all over th'earth. And here we hear the wagon acomin, here comes Sam Jackson n his five chillen an his wife sittin up there on the spring seat with him. And they come pilin' out y'know, Willie Jackson we go rabbit huntin alluh time anyhow n I think a heap uh him, Boy we started playing Christmas time there around the house, and we had more fun just playin Christmas gift, you know wrappin pine cones up and givin em t'each other, and we none us ever played it `fore but it just come natural to ye, an we just laughin, an when we wut'n doin nothin else we'd run up n smell in th'kitchen door n then just turn round look at each other n just laugh, n just roll over y'know, it just tickles ye t'see it's Christmas time, jist old Sandy Claus or what.

And Papa n Sam Jackson fixed up long boards n put sheets over'm for a table, purdiest table you ever seen in your life, looks just like a cathedral or somethin in thare. N my sister Ellie n Marley Jackson, that th'oldest Jackson girl, they broke off cedar sprigs n pine sprigs n everthang n put em up in thare. N boy, you just never did see nothin th't jist looked Christmas time in there.

N Mom n them, bout noontime they said "Alright now, let's allll commme n eat." And boy we went 'n'air, and I's sittin next to Willie Jackson n we just couldn' hardly keep from laughin. And at ivvybuddy's plate they wuss n apple in uh ornge in some nuts n some stripe-itty candy. Even at the baby's plate. And mom 'n 'em start brangin evathang in, jist, jist almost kill ye t'smell it, it smelt s'good, boy. N they put't all up'n'down th table n papa said, "Now brother Jackson, you a deacon in th church, you say grace." N Sam Jackson, he ditn bow his head like a heap o folks do when they say grace, he just smiled up at heaven you know, and said "I just want to say one thing to you Lord, Merry Christmas, hope you enjoyin it much as we are." Then we all fell to an' et. It was wonderfullest Christmas in Newnited States of America, you know it?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

every man heart lay down | lorenz graham

Long time past
Before you papa live
Before him papa live
Before him pa's papa live --

Long time past
Before them big tree live
Before them big tree's papa live --
That time God live.

And God look on the world
What He done make
And Him heart no lay down.
And He walk about in the town
To see the people
And He sit down in the palaver house
To know the people
And He vex too much.
And God say
"Nev mind.
The people no hear My Word
The pople no walk My way
Nev mind.
I going break the world and lose the people
I going make the day dark
And the night I going make hot.
I going make water that side where land belong
And land that side where water belong.
And I going make a new country
And make a new people."

Now this time
God's one small boy -- Him small pican -- hear God's Word
And the pican grieve for people
So he go fore God's face
And make talk for him Pa.
"Pa, I come for beg You," so he say
"I come for beg You,
Don't break the world
What You done make.
Don't lose the people
What You done care for.
I beg You
Make it I go
I talk to people
I walk with people
Bye-m-bye they savvy the way."

And the pican go down softly softly
And hold God's foot.
So God look on Him small boy
And Him heart be soft again
And God say
"Aye My son,
When you beg me so
I no can vex.
Left me now, but hear me good:
If you go you must be born like a man
And you must live like a man
And you must have hurt and have hunger.
And hear me good:
Men will hate you
And they will flog you
And bye-m-bye they will kill you
And I no going put My hand there."

And the pican say
"I agree!"

And bye-m-bye God call Mary
To be Ma for the pican
Now Mary be new wife for Joseph
And Joseph ain't touch Mary self
So first time Joseph vex.
But God say
"Nev mind, Joseph.
This be God palaver."
And Joseph heart lay down.

And God see one king who try for do good
For all him people
And God say
"Ahah, Now I send My son
For be new king."
And God send star to call the king.

And in a far country
God hear a wise man call Him name
And God say to the wise man
"I send My son to be new wise man,
Go now with the star."
And the star call
And the wise man follow.

And by the waterside
Men lay down for take rest
And they hear fine music in the sky
Like all the stars make song,
And they fear.
And all the dark make bright like day
And the water shine like fire
And no man can savvy
And they hearts turn over.
But God's angel come
And God's angel say
"Make glad, all people,
God's pican be born in Bethlehem."
And the people say "Oh."

And the wise man and the king
And the country people come to Bethlehem
And the star come low and stop.
But when they go for mansion house
The star no be there.
And when they go for Big Man's house
The star no be there.
And bye-m-bye when they go for hotel
The star no be there gain --
But the wise man say
"Ahah, the star be by the small house
Where cattle sleep!"
And it was so.

And they find Joseph and Mary
And the small pican
Fold up in country cloth
And the king bring gold for gift
And the wise man bring fine oil
And the country people bring new rice.

And they look on the God pican
And every man heart lay down.

Monday, October 05, 2015

i saw shakespeare | charles williams

I saw Shakespeare
In a Tube station on the Central London:
he was smoking a pipe:
He had Sax Rohmer's best novel under his arm
(In a cheap edition)
And the Evening News.
He was reading in the half-detached way one does.
He had just come away from an office
And the notes for The Merchant
Were in his pocket,
Beginning (it was the first line he thought of)
'Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins',
But his chief wish was to be earning more money.

A poem by Charles Williams, written around 1930, quoted in Humphrey Carpenter's book on the Inlkings. A drastically different style from the Arthurian poems I know him for. I like this one.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


To me, a true oblation. Stones I've seen while wandering the beach, picked up and put in my pocket, and mostly forgotten about. This morning I'm emptying out my pockets, and deciding which I'll keep.

Shazam is an iPhone app that tells you the name of a song you hear playing. When something catches my ear, I scramble for my phone to find out what it is. Sometimes I remember to check it out once I get home, often I don't. But they're all saved in memory - the phone's, not mine - for later. Which is now.

Tunes I hear playing in a restaurant or shop. On my car radio, or in the middle of a podcast - there's a lot of This American Life. End credits for a film in the theatre, or from the middle of a movie I'm watching at home - judging by the date, I think I discovered my great favourite People Gonna Talk while watching Moneyball - or maybe it was on the radio on my drive home? I've used it to identify tracks on a friend's mix CD that doesn't have song credits - when there are a lot of tracks on the same date, that's usually what's going on. In February last year, I listened to Ross Porter's documentary on Miles Davis, and tagged all the songs that were played - some more than familiar, some unknown to me.

I first Shazammed April 5, 2009. Just over 360 songs in six years, you can do the math - divide it by six, then by twelve…  So I can't just go ahead and buy them all. Several I've already purchased, or had in my collection but hadn't listened enough to know what they were.  Which leaves plenty more, unexamined since I first laid ears on them, glistening on the beach. I reckon I'll have myself at least a little shopping spree, download a few that catch my ear again.

New music. For spring.

Looks like today is also the day to order Carolyn Credico's CD - I heard her sing No More Blues on CBC's jazz program, Tonic, and was smitten. It turns out you can't order the recording online, but I found her email through her website, and she's going to send me a copy. Also Project Pablo, nom de groove of my buddy Rory's middle son - sophisticate, Euro-flavoured club music. 


Radioactive, Imagine Dragons 0425
Balance (Nao Pode Parar!), Bossacucanova feat. Chris Delanno 0213
Gianni Scicchi, Opera ~ o Mio Babbino Caro, Renata Tebaldi 0208
Real Rock, Sound Dimension 0125
Bags Of Blues, Ray Charles & Milt Jackson 0124
The Swinging Shepherd Blues, Jimmy Smith 0124
One Of These Days, Mose Allison 0124
Midnight Special, Jimmy Smith 0124
Cryin' Blues, Charles Mingus 0124
I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues, Billie Holiday 0124


All Of Me, DJ Blazee 1203
Coney Island Baby, Lou Reed 1116
Obsession, Animotion, Richard X  1024
Hey! Baby, Bruce Channel  1024
Mr. Airplane Man, Howlin' Wolf  1021
The Hour, Valerie June  1021
Blue Train, John Coltrane  1019
Later, Louis Smith  1019
Maps, Maroon 5  1010
Osamu's Theme: Kyoko's House, Philip Glass  1009
A Season Of Doubt, Cold Specks  1007
Very Loud, Shout Out Louds  1001

Meeting In Malibu, Francia Jazzline Orchestra 0912
Frank The Handyman, Rolfe Kent 0902
I'm Going Home, Arlo Guthrie 0901
Never To Have, Steve Dawson 0709
Stolen Moments, Olvier Nelson 0705
Fade Into You, Nashville Cast & Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio 0524
Jingle Bells (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix), Joe Williams 0524
See The USA In Your Chevrolet, Dinah Shore 0416
Who Can You Trust?, Morcheeba 0410
They Can't Take That Away From Me, Charlie Parker 0408
Such Great Heights, Iron And Wine 0406
Flyin' On 747, Kid Loco 0327

Moment's Notice, John Coltrane 0228
In A Silent Way, Miles Davis 0220
Shhh-Peaceful, Miles Davis
Circle In The Round, Miles Davis
Iris, Miles Davis
Song #2, Miles Davis 0219
Concerto De Aranjuez, Miles Davis
So What, Miles Davis
All Blues, Miles Davis 0218
Freddie Freeloader, Miles Davis
Miles Ahead, Miles Davis
All Of You, Miles Davis
Ahmad's Blues, Ahmad Jamal 0217
Yardbird Suite, Charlie Parker
Solar, Miles Davis
The Serpent's Tooth
Tasty Pudding
Night In Tunisia
Jeru 0215
Love Tales, Claud Thornhill
Sippin' At Bells
Night In Tunisia, Charlie Parker
Pointless Mama Blues, Miles Davis 0215
Thriving On A Riff, Charlie Parker
Ko Ko, Charlie Parker
Street Beat, Charlie Parker
21th Century Blues, Charlie Parker
Congo Blues, Charlie Parker
Miles Ahead, Miles Davis
Fat Time, Miles Davis 0214
Iris, Miles Davis 0213

Dance The Night Away, Van Halen 0125
The Pusher, Steppenwolf 0123
Twice A Week, Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine 0112
Mushaboom, Feist 0111
I'm In Love Again, The World Famous Upsetters 0111


Stream Of Stars, Jeff Lynn (American Hustle) 1229
Haunted, Dusty Springfield 1226
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder, The Secret Sisters 1226
Summertime, Chet Baker 1226
Nouveau Western, MC Solaar 1226
Crazy, Gnarls Barkley 1226
Unrequited, Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau 1226
Lumberton U.S.A. / Going Down To Lincoln, David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti 1226
Rosita, Ben Webster 1226
I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl, Nina Simone 1226
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, The Shirelles 1226
Long Way Home, Tom Waits 1226
What Is This Thing Called Love, Mel Torme 1226
Humming, Portishead 1226

Ho Hey, The Lumineers 1202
Feelin' Alright, Traffic 1111
I Wonder, Rodriguez 1109
Don't Be That Way, Tex Beneke & His Orchestra 1106
Moonlight Serenade, Glenn Miller 1106
Daddy, Sammy Kaye 1106
Not Really The Blues, Shorty Rodgers & His Giants 1104
Father And Daughter, Paul Simon 1103
Easy To Love, Billie Holiday 1031
Third Stone From The Sun, Jimi Hedrix 0818
I Fooled You This Time, Gene Chandler 0619
These Days, Nico 0614

Part: Da Pacem Domine, Keith Jarrett / Tonu Kaljuste / Talinn Chamber Orchestra / Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir 0505
Unrequited, Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau 0502
Rosita, Ben Webster 0502
Humming, Portishead 0501
Till The Next Goodbye, Rolling Stones 0404
What Can I Say Dear?, Red Garland 0331
Tales From The Far Side, Bill Frisell 0331
Stretching Out, Mark Knopfler 0330
Over Your Shoulder, Calexico 0330
Missing, Calexico 0330
Gypsy's Curse, Calexico 0330
I Got A Guy, Ella Fitzgerald 0330
The Last Emperor, David Byrne 0330
Sprawl, Calexico 0330
Je Te Veux, Paul Martinez 0326
The Belt Heist, Richie Buckely 0324
Le Temps De L'amour, Francoise Hardy 0319
Do You Feel Me, Anthony Hamilton 0317
Sherlock Holmes, Spark 0315
Tin Tin Deo, Oscar Peterson 0315
Smoke From A Distant Fire, Sanford-Townsend Band 0314
Footprints, Frank Morgan 0312
(Pathetique) Sonata for Piano No. 8, Children's Listening Centre Orchestra 0307
Song For Guy, Elton John 030
Traumerei, Horowitz In Hamburg: The Last Concert 0304
Begin The Beguine, Esquivel 0302
Cha-chaborro, Los Amigos Invisibles 0302
Shatter, Liz Phair 0228
Gnossienee No 6, Jan Kaspersen
Tuff Luck, Seam 0226
Whispering, Henri Rene 0226
Champagne And Quail, Henry Mancini 0222
Red House, Jimi Hendrix
I Wish You Love, Friends of Dean Martinez 0208
Bang Bang, Sonora Carruseles
Gnossienees: No. 1, Anders Miolin
Stretching Out, Mark Knopfler 0131
Groovin', Booker T. & The MG's 0130
Fuquawi, Booker T. & The MG's 0130
Heart Of Stone, The Rolling Stones 0130
Jessica, They Might Be Giants 0129
Royal Blue, Henry Mancini 0128
Susan, Country Joe & The Fish 0127
End Credits, Ned Rifle / Phillip Reed 0126
We're Going To War, Mark Knopfler 0126
Gnossienne No. 5, Jan Kaspersen 0126
Stretching Out, Mark Knopfler 0126
5 - 4 = Unity, Pavement, 0116
Viva Tirado, El Chicano 0108 TAL
Ausencias, Astor Piazzolla 0107
Powerhouse, Don Byron 0107
Susan, Country Joe & The Fish 0127
Theme From The Tiki Wonder Hour [Combustible Edison], V.A. 0107
My Sweet Potato, Booker T & The MG's 0105
Still D.R.E., Snoop Dogg / Dr. Dre 0105
Coffaro's Theme, Bill Frisell 0105
No Sunshine, DMX 0105
Dance 8, The Philip Glass Ensemble 0105


Yesterdays, Miles Davis 1228
The Lyon Game, Phono-Comb 1223
The Lonely Surfer, Jack Nitzsche 1223
Coffaro's Theme, Bill Frisell 1223
Little Wing, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 1223
Cardova, The Meters 1216
Ultrafox, Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grapelli 1215
Harlem Nocturne, The Viscounts 1214
Merry Christmas Baby, Booker T. & The MG's 1210
Blues For Piney Brown, Ben Webster 1201
Afrodisia, Kenny Dorham 1114
Peel, The Coctails 1109
Heroes, David Bowie 1030
Never To Have, Steve Dawson 1025
Beautiful Things, Gungor 1021
Kuu Lei, Kalama's Quartet 1014
Terrible Thing, Booker T. & The MG's 1014
Finger Lickin' Good, Beastie Boys 1014
Theme From A Clockwork Orange (Beethoviana), Walter Carlos 1014
Perpettum Mobile, Penguin Cafe Orchestra 1014
Moment Musical, Raymond Scott 1014
Go! Go! Go!, The Treniers 1014
Nice 'N' Easy, Frank Sinatra 1014
Anything Goes, Django Reinhardt 1014
I'll Live Again, The Dixie Hummingbirds 1014
Tears, Django Reinhardt 1014
Blue Drag, Django Reinhardt 1014 TAL
Destination Moon, Dinah Washington 1014
Carnival Of Souls, Combustible Edison 1012
Pilentze Pee, Krassimir Kurktshiyski 1010
Cool Cat Walk, Angelo Badalamenti and Kinny Landrum 1006
Perdita, Rubber City 1006
Some Devil, Dave Matthews 0902
When Our Wings Are Cut, Can We Still Fly?, Gustavo Santaolalla 0902
Can Light Be Found In The Darkness?, Gustavo Santaolalla 0902
Just Ain't Gonna Work Out, Mayer Hawthorne 0823
Sabu Yerkoy, Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate 0721
Tell Him, Patti Drew 0628
L'Ombre Et La Lumiere, Coralie Clement 0522
Last Kiss, Pearl Jam 0219
Don't You, Simple Minds 0204
Candy Shop, Andrew Birds Bowl Of Fire 0201


Rolling In The Deep, Adele 1213
You Are Not Alone, Mavis Staples 1213
Bowl Of Oranges, Bright Eyes 1213
Samson, Regina Spektor 1213
Teeth, The Ettes 1213
Water With The Wine, Joan Armatrading 1213
Shell Games, Bright Eyes 1213
Gone To Shiloh, Elton John & Leon Russell 1213
Poor Butterfly, Coleman Hawkins 1213
Waitin' Around To Die, Tones Van Zandt 1213
'Round Midnight, Joe Pass 1213
Getting To Know You, Wayne Shorter 1213
Anyone's Ghost, The National 1213
F**k You, Cee Lo Green 1213
Study War, Moby 1213
You Wouldn't Like Me, Tegan & Sara 1213
Deja Vu, John Fogerty 1213
Down By The Water, The Decemberists 1213
Love For Sale, Billie Holiday 1213
Love Me Or Leave Me, Nina Simone 1213

People Gonna Galk, James Hunter 0925
Midnight, The Stars And You, Campbell/ Connelly/Wood (The Shining) 0830
Fly, Nick Drake 0820
I Can't Stop, Arthur Conley 0503
I'm Alive With The Love Feeling, Spyder Turner 0503
You Got Me In The Palm Of Your Hand, Donald Lee Richardson 0503
I'm Yours, Jason Mraz 0309
Hanging By A Moment, Lifehouse 0304
Little Wing, Jimi Hendrix 0304
This Is The Last Time, Keane 0304
In The Beginning, K'naan 0304
Built For Comfort, Holwin' Wolf 0304
Free Fallin', John Mayer 0304
Walk Away, Ben Harper 0304
Burn & Return, Jorgensen 0304
The Wind Cries Mary, Jimi Hendrix 0304
24, Jem 0304
The Drugs Don't Work, The Verve 0304
Maybe Tomorrow, Stereophonics 0304
Skinny Love, Bon Iver 0304
I'm Yours, Jason Mraz Feat. Jah Cure & Lil' Wayne
You Give Me Something, James Morrison 0304
High And Dry, Radiohead 0304
Sleep Through The Static, Jack Johnson 0303
Magnificent, U2 0131
In My Place, Coldplay 0131
Take Me To The Riot, Stars 0131
On The Radio, Regina Spektor 0131
Kings Of Leon, Closer 0131
The Dethbridge In Lethbridge, The Rural Alberta Advantage 0131
Crystalised, The xx 0131
Blue Yodel N.1, Jimmie Rodgers 0131


Twenty Four Hours A Day, Billie Holiday 1128
Between The Bars, Elliott Smith 1128
Ballantines, Aimee Mann 1128
Islands, The xx 1128
The Modern Leper, Frightened Rabbit 1125
Naima, John Coltrane 1003
Chapitres 38 A 47, Patrick Modiano 0313
I Gotta Feeling, The Black Eyed Peas 1206


Manger Throne, Third Day 1125
Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Frankie Valli 1025
Fame, David Bowie 0926
I'll Live Again, The Dixie Hummingbirds 0911
Sugar Sugar, Wilson Pickett 0705
I Wonder, The Dance Machine / ABBA 0627
Just Friends, Charlie Parker 0406
Dream, Rashaan Roland Kirk 0406
The Beast, Milt Buckner 0406
Shaw 'Nuff, Charlie Parker & Dizzie Gillespie 0406
What Is This Thing Called Love?, Billie Holiday 0406
TV Is The King, Dinah Washington 0406
Easy On The Heart, Charlie Haden 0406
Baby, Get Lost, Dinah Washington 0406
Where Flamingos Fly, Gil Evans 0406
The Big Blow Out, Henry Mancini 0406
Stoney Stret, Amon Tobin 0406
Beware The Friendly Stranger, Boards Of Canada
Dawn Chorus, Boards Of Canada 0406
A Gentle Dissolve, Thievery Corporation 0406
Untitled Guitar, Bruce Cockburn 0406
Mountain Call, Bruce Cockburn 0406
Haitian Fight Song, David Byrne 0406
But Not For Me, John Coltrange 0406
Albatross, Fleetwood Mac 0405

Sunday, April 19, 2015

how to become invisible

Acquire the severed head of a man who has committed suicide.
Bury the head, together with seven black beans,
on a Wednesday morning before sunrise,
and water the ground for seven days with fine brandy. 
On the eighth day, the beans will sprout.
Persuade a little girl to pick and shell them.
Pop one into your mouth.

adapted from "Sight Unseen" 
by Kathryn Schulz 
The New Yorker

Sunday, March 22, 2015

clarice's ron reeds

Some time ago I got a friend request on Facebook from Clarice Limit, a name I didn't recognize. So I checked to see if we had any friends in common. Sort of…