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Abrahams, The Fan (BB)
Adair, The Physics of Baseball (BB)
Adler, Baseball Wit (BB)
Ahuja, Fields of Dreams (BB)
Allen, Baseball's 100 (BB)
Angell, Last Innings (BB)
Angell, Season Ticket (BB)
Angell, Five Season (BB)
Angell, The Summer Game (BB)
Angell, Once More Around The Park (BB)
Angell, Game Time (BB)
Asimov (ed), Sherlock Holmes Through Time And Space (mystery)
Asinof, Eight Men Out (BB)
Barry, Bottom of the 33rd (BB)
Beckham, Runner Mack (BB)
Bell/Elliott, Hardball (BB Jays)
Berra, The Yogi Book (BB)
Bisher, Strange But True Baseball Stories (BB Vintage)
Bjarkman, The Toronto Blue Jays (BB Jays)
Bjorkman (ed), Baseball & The Game of Life (BB)
Blessing, Cobb (BB)
Blessing, Oldtimers Game (BB)
Bly, Iron John
Block, The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams (BB)
Boswell, The Heart of the Order (BB)
Bosewell, How Life Imitates The World Series (BB)
Boswell, Why Time Begins on Opening Day (BB)
Bouton, Ball Four (BB)
Bouton, Strike Zone (BB)
Bowen, Fielder's Choice (BB)
Bowering (ed), Taking The Field (BB)
Boyd & Harris, The Great American Baseball Card...Book (BB)
Brinkman & Euchner, The Umpire's Handbook (BB)
Brock, If I Never Get Back (BB)
Broomer, Paul Molitor: Good Timing (BB Jays)
Brown Keylin Lundy, Sports of the Time (BB oversize)
Browne, Girls of Summer (BB)
Brunt, Second To None (BB Jays)
Brunt, Diamond Dreams (BB Jays)
Campanella, It's Good To Be Alive (BB)
Carkeet, The Greatest Slump of All Time (BB)
Cataneo, Peanuts and Crackerjack (BB)
Chabon, Telegraph Avenue
Chadwick, The Illustrated History of Baseball (BB oversize)
Cheek/Berger, Road To Glory (BB Jays)
Cooper, The Southpaw's Secret (BB Vintage)
Coyle, Hardball (BB)
Craft, Rookies of the Year (BB oversize)
Cronin, A Short History of the Long Ball (BB)
Csikszentmihalyi, Creativity
Davidi, The Big 50 (BB Jays)
Dawidoff (ed), Baseball: A Literary Anthology (BB)
Deford (ed), Best American Sports Writing 1993 (BB)
DeLillo, Underworld (BB)
Derleth, The Casebook of Solar Pons (mystery)
Dickey, The History of American League Baseball (BB)
Dickson, Baseball's Greatest Quotations (BB)
DiMaggio, Lucky To Be A Yankee (BB Vintage)
DiMaggio, Dom, Real Grass, Real Heroes (BB)
Donohue, Spitballs & Holy Water (BB)
Douglas, GOOD NIGHT, MR. HOLMES (mystery)
Doyle, His Last Bow (mystery)
Dravecky, Comeback (BB)
Einstein, Willie's Time (BB)
Einstein, The Baseball Reader (BB)
Einstein, The New Baseball Reader (BB)
Einstein (ed), The Fireside Book of Baseball: Fourth Edition (BB)
Engel, Mr. Doyle & Dr. Bell (mystery)
Evers, Tigers Burnin (BB)
Everson, Suicide Squeeze (BB)
Faber, Baseball Ratings (BB oversize)
Falkner, Nine Sides of the Diamond (BB)
Falkner, The Short Season (BB)
Fowler, The Sweetheart Season (BB)
Friendlich, Relief Pitcher (BB Vintage)
Garagiola, Baseball Is A Funny Game (BB Vintage)
Gardner, The Return of Moriarty (mystery)
Geist, Little League Confidential (BB)
Godfrey, Baseball Crazy (BB Jays)
Goldberg, This Is Next Year (BB)
Goldstein, Superstars and Screwballs (BB)
Goodwin, Wait Till Next Year (BB)
Gordon, Prairie Hardball (BB)
Gordon, Dead Pull Hitter (BB)
Gordon, Safe At Home (BB)
Gordon, Striking Out (BB)
Gordon, Foul Balls (BB Jays)
Gordon (ed), Diamonds Are Forever (BB oversize)
Greenberg, The Celebrant (BB)
Gregorich, She's On First (BB)
Greenberg (ed), On The Diamond: A Treasurey of Baeball Stories (BB)
Gregory, Diz (BB)
Grey, The Young Pitcher (BB Vintage)
Gropman, Say It Ain't So, Joe! (BB)
Grossman, A Baseball Addict's Diary (BB Jays)
Gruber/Boland, Kelly (BB Jays)
Gutman, Baseball Super Teams (BB)
Halberstam, October 1964 (BB)
Halberstam, Summer Of '49 (BB)
Halford, My Utmost
Hall, Fathers Playing Catch With Sons (BB)
Harris, Bang The drum Slowly (BB)
Harris, A Ticket For A Seamstitch (BB)
Harris, The Southpaw (BB Vintage)
Harris, Diamond: Baseball Writings of Mark Harris (BB)
Harvey, They Called Me God (BB)
Harwell, Diamond Gems (BB)
Haughey, The Case of the Frozen Scream (mystery)
Haupt, Me and Dimaggio (BB)
Hays, The Dixie Association (BB)
Heiman etc, When The Cheering Stops (BB)
Henderson, Off Base (BB)
Hernandez, Pure Baseball (BB)
Hershiser, Out of the Blue (BB)
Herzog, You're Missin' a Great Game (BB)
Hodel & Wright, Enter The Lion (mystery)
Holtzman (ed), Fielder's Choice (BB)
Honig, Last Man Out (BB)
Honig, The Plot To Kill Jackie RobinsonHonig, Last Man Out (BB)
Irving, Gone to Glory (BB)
James, The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract (BB oversize)
James, The Baseball Book 1990 (BB oversize)
James, The Baseball Book 1991 (BB oversize)
James, The Baseball Book 1993 (BB oversize)
Jones, The Elements Of Hitting (BB)
Jordan, The Suitors of Spring (BB)
Jordan, A False Spring (BB)
Kahn, A Season In The Sun (BB)
Kahn, Good Enough To Dream (BB)
Kahn, The Boys of Summer (BB)
Kahn, The Seventh Game (BB)
Kaufman etc, Moe Berg: Athlete, Scholar, Spy (BB)
Kerrane & Grossinger, Baseball Diamonds (BB)
King, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (BB)
Kingwell, Fail Better (BB)
Kinsella, Shoeless Joe (BB)
Kinsella, The Iowa Baseball Confederacy (BB)
Kinsella, The Thrill of the Grass (BB)
Kinsella, The Dixon Cornbelt League (BB)
Kinsella, The Further Adventures of Slugger McBatt (BB)
Kinsella, If Wishes Were Horses (BB)
Kinsella, Box Socials (BB)
Kinsella, Diamonds Forever (BB)
Kinsella Bisher Perkins, A Series For The World (BB Jays)
Klinkowitz, Short Season (BB)
Kruger, Bullpen (BB)
LaBlanc, Hot Dogs, Heroes & Hooligans (BB oversize)
Lamb, Stolen Season (BB)
Lardner, You KNow Me Al (BB Vintage)
Lau, The Winning Hitter (BB)
Lewis, Moneyball (BB)
Luciano, The Fall of the Roman Umpire (BB)
Lyle, The Bronx Zoo (BB)
Malamud, The Natural (BB)
Mays, Say Hey (BB)
McConnell & Vincent, The Home Run Encyclopedia (BB oversize)
Meany, Baseball's Greatest Players (BB Vintage)
Meyer, The Canary Trainer (mystery)
Meyer, the Seven-Per-Cent Solution (mystery)
Mote, Everything Baseball (BB oversize)
Nash & Zullo, The Baseball Hall of Shame (BB)
Nash & Zullo, The Baseball Hall of Shame 3 (BB)
Nathan, Baseball Quotations (BB)
Neft Johnson Cohen Deutsch, The Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball (BB oversize)
Nighbert, Strike Zone (BB)
Okrent, Nine Innings (BB)
Orodenker, The Writers' Game (BB)
Owen, Teen-Age Baseball Stories (BB Vintage)
Parker, The Godwulf Manuscript (73) 2
Parker, God Save The Child (74)
Parker, Mortal Stakes (75)
Parker, Promised Land (76)
Parker, The Judas Goat (78)
Parker, Looking For Rachel Wallace (80)
Parker, Early Autumn (81a)
Parker, A SAVAGE PLACE (81) get original paperback
Parker, Ceremony (82) missing: get original paperback
Parker, The Widening Gyre (83)
Parker, Valediction (84)
Parker, A Catskill Eagle (85)
Parker, Taming A Sea-horse (86)
Parker, Pale Kings And Princes (87)
Parker, Crimson Joy (88)
Parker, Playmates (89)
Parker, Stardust (90)
Parker, Pastime (91)
Parker, Double Deuce (92)
Parker, Paper Doll (93)
Parker, Walking Shadow (94)
Parker, THIN AIR (95)
Parker, Chance (96)
Parker, Small Vices (97)
Parker, Sudden Mischief (98)
Parker, Hush Money (99)
Parker, Hugger Mugger (00)
Parker, POTSHOT (01)
Parker, WIDOW'S WALK (02)
Parker, BACK STORY (03)
Parker, Bad Business (04)
Parker, Cold Service (05a)
Parker, School Days (05b)
Parker, Hundred-Dollar Baby (06)
Parker, Now And Then (07)
Parker, Rough Weather (08)
parker, chasing the bear: a young spenser novel [get]
Parker, The Professional (09)
Parker, SIXKILL (11)
Parker/Atkins, Lullaby (12) 7/?/18
Parker/Brann, SILENT NIGHT (13)
Parker/Atkins, WONDERLAND (13)
Parker/Atkins, Cheap Shot (14) 7/7/18
Parker/Atkins, KICKBACK (2015)
Parker/Atkins, SLOW BURN (2016)
Parker/Atkins, LITTLE WHITE LIES (2017)
parker/atkins, old black magic (2018) [get]
Parker, Wilderness (79, non-Spenser)
Parker, Love And Glory (non-Spenser, 83)
Parker/Chandler, POODLE SPRINGS (Marlowe, 89)
Parker, PERCHANCE TO DREAM (Marlowe, 91)
Parker, All Our Yesterdays (non-Spenser, 94)
Parker, Double Play (Jackie Robinson, 94) BB
Parker, Perish Twice (Sunny Randall, 00)
Parker, Appaloosa (western, 05)
Parker, Blue Screen (Sunny Randall, 06)
Parker, Brimstone (western, 09)
Parker, Killing The Blues (Jess Stone, 11)
Penzler (ed.), In Pursuit Of Spenser
Peary (ed), Cult Baseball Players
Platt, The Screwball King Murder (BB)
Plimpton, Out Of My League (BB)
Plimpton, The Curious Case of Sidd Finch (BB)
Quarrington, Home Game (BB)
Rampersad, Jackie Robinson (BB)
Rice, The Tumult and the Shouting (BB Vintage)
Richardson, The Bobby Richardson Story (BB)
Reichler, Baseball's Great Moments (BB)
Rizzuto (Peyer/Seely), The Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto (BB)
Robinson, Iron Horse (BB0
Rose & Kahn, Pete Rose: My Story (BB)
Roth, The Great American Novel (BB)
Runyon (Reisler), Guys, Dolls, and Curveballs (BB)
Sayles, Pride of the Bimbos (BB)
Schacht (ed), Mudville Diaries (BB)
Scholz, Batter Up (BB)
Seaver, Beanball (BB)
Seidel, Streak: Joe DiMaggio and the Summer of '41 (BB)
Senzel, Baseball and the Cold War (BB)
Sifakis, Three Men On Third (BB)
Shaara, For Love of the Game (BB)
Shannon (ed), The Best of Spitball (BB)
Sherman, Strike Him Out! (BB Vintage)
Shlain, Oddballs (BB)
Simone, Going, Going, Gone! (BB oversize)
Smith, Voices of the Game (BB)
Smith, Baseball in the Afternoon (BB)
Smith, Baseball in America (BB oversize)
Soox, Murder at Wrigley Field (BB)
The Sporting News (ed), Dynasty (BB oversize)
The Sporting News (ed), Take Me Out To The Ball Park (BB oversize)
Sports Illustrated (ed), Baseball: Four decades of SI's finest writing (BB)
Stieb/Boland, Tomorrow I'll Be Perfect (BB Jays)
Stump, Cobb: A Biography (BB)
Sugar, Baseball's 50 Greatest Games (BB oversize)
Thorn, Baseball Our Game (BB)
Thorn (ed), The Armchair Book of Baseball (BB)
Thorn & Palmer (ed), Total Baseball (BB oversize)
Toronto Blue Jays, 1990 (BB Jays)
Tunis, World Series (BB)
Tunis, Rookie of the Year (BB)
Tunis, Highpockets (BB)
Turner, Heroes, Bums and Ordinary Men (BB Jays)
Valenti, Clout! (BB oversize)
Van Rjndt & Blednick, Fungo Blues (BB Jays)
Vancil & Hirdt, All Century Team (BB oversize)
Veeck, Veeck As In Wreck (BB)
Wallace, the Year The Yankees Lost the Pennant (BB)
Ward & Burns, Baseball: An Illustrated History (BB oversize)
Whiting, You Gotta Have Wa (BB)
Will, Men At Work (BB)
Will, Bunts (BB)
Williams, No More Mr. Nice Guy (BB)
Williams, My Turn At Bat (BB)
Winegardner, Prophet of the Sandlots (BB)
Wood, Dodger Dogs To Fenway Franks (BB)
Z, Baseball Cards of the Fifites (BB oversize)
Z, Baseball Cards of the Sixties (BB oversize)
Z, The Baseball Encyclopedia: Tenth Edition (BB oversize)
Z, Baseball Legends (BB)
Z, 20th Century Baseball Chronicle (BB oversize)

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