Monday, December 11, 2006

Richard Osler, Advent poems (2006)

She Was Asked
(After Wilde )

In other stories the god comes
himself. Disguised as a shower
of gold, a swan. He takes
without asking. Then
he is gone. Mary was asked.
By an angel. With flowers.
Lilies. Bold, wide open.
Wouldn't anyone be flabbergasted
by such as he was. Preposterous.
Pregnant without intercourse, a son -
of God. Human and eternal. Three
in one. She was the one who
had to choose, blind to the final
outcome. We have always
Known her answer. She did not.

Richard Osler, Advent I, December 3rd 2006


Come O Come Emmanuel

Carrying God was she
Overshadowed with joy or dread? Or
Maybe she thought it just a dream.
Even so, she might still have wondered

Or, at least

Calculated the days until
Overcome with obvious signs
Mary remembered everything;
Even her acceptance of impossibility:

Mystery living in her.
Mary, mother-child
Now of what she chose
Under her heart –
Emmanuel – God With Us,
Love, living in darkness.

Richard Osler, Advent II, December 10th 2006


Troubled – Luke 1, Verse 29

You hear a voice telling you to risk everything,
even you’re your one carefully constructed life.
Sometimes it is like Mary carrying a promise

someone else has made and it lives inside you
as if it were yours but first you must claim it.
Will you welcome this angel whatever it is

that comes in the dark and talks against
all your thoughtful plans? Will you say ”yes?”
If you do there will be a journey, a difficult one,

a birth surrounded by strangers, and signs.
A baby to be honoured by kings. Such hope
wrapped up in something just that small.

Richard Osler, Advent III, December 17 2006


Puer Natus Est
(After Raine)

Power that comes
Undone on
Revolving round its star.

At his mother’s breast
Tugging against eternity

Even now, as
Star-maker, star-made within

Richard Osler, Advent IV, December 24th 2006