Saturday, February 10, 2007

Eighteenth-Century Playbill

An 18th-Century Playbill

This evening, and during the summer season, will be performed several new exercises of
Rope Dancing, Tumbling, Vaulting, Equilibrium, Ladder Dancing and Balancing,

by Madame Kerman,
Sampson Rogetzi,
Monsieur German
and Mesieur Dominique,

With a new Grand Dance, called Apollo and Daphne,
by Mr. Phillips,
Mrs. Lebrune,
and others.

Singing by Mrs Phillips and Mrs Jackson.

Likewise the Extraordinary Performance of Herr von Eckenberg,
who imitates the lark, thrush, blackbird, goldfish,
canary-bird, flageolet and German flute.

A Sailor’s Dance by Mr Phillips.

And Mesieur Dominique flies through a Hogshead and Forces Both Ends Out.

To which will be added The Harlot’s Progress:
Harlequin by Mr. Phillips,
Miss Kitty by Mrs Phillips.

Also an Exact Representation of the late Glorious Victory
gained over the French at the Battle of Dettingen,
with the taking of the White Household Standard by the Scots Greys,
Blowing Up the bridge, and Destroying and Drowning most part of the French Army.

Every evening
at five o’clock.