Thursday, February 04, 2010

Luci Shaw, "No, I'm Not Hildegarde"

I‘m merely a floater in the eye of God,
a flake of his winnowed chaff. A twig
from the tree at whose root his ax is laid,
if you believe Luke, and I do. I am a wisp
of the fog that blinds my world this morning. A drop
from a leaking tap. An odd button. A blot.

I’m less than the smallest bone of St. Catherine’s
withered fore-finger; in Sienna it’s preserved
behind glass and I’m not. I’m a loose tooth.
A hesitation of wind. The lost coin never found.
A river wrinkle come and gone. An eyelash
found by an ant in the dust. A blurred word.

Luci Shaw
from Harvesting Fog