Thursday, July 22, 2010

I did 25 things today

1. Ran

2. Cleaned the lens of my iPhone camera

3. Put my laundry in the wash machine

4. Booked tickets

5. Helped Chloe tidy my room

6. Ate the breakfast I made in our new microwave oven

7. Showered

8. Took Chloe to the vet for a flea bath

9. RSVPed to CalArts pre-reunion reunion dinner

10. Made box for my trunk to put things in that I need to take to people

11. Put all my cards and stuff back in my wallet

12. Bought stamps, mailed letters

13. Checked out used cameras & phones

14. Bought a New Testament to fit in my bag

15. Bought a money clip

16. Took photos

17. Fixed up an organizer for stuff on my desk

18. Organized bathroom shelves

19. Got new barbecue-lighting matches

20. Washed dishes

21. Figured out why the dish washer wasn't working

22. Booked a fancy camera lens for the weekend

23. Picked instrumental tracks for slideshows

24. Hammocked

25. Made this