Thursday, December 05, 2013

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Movements of the lower lip in dance
A work consisting of a hundred love lyrics
One born out of an egg
Literally, offering of sprouts
First solid meal given to a child
Happenings before death
Literally, the tree under which horses stand
Appropriate time for the administration of drugs
The ocher garments of a recluse
An auspicious drawing
A dark, moonless night heralding the first day of the moon in its cycle of fourteen days
Literally, the wrestler's pillar
The food that is to be consumed by licking
Emotional feeling of separation from one's spouse
Indicators of the probability of rain
A body which has attained the strength of a diamond
Upwardly channelized semen
Subordinate airs governing the human body
Artistically laid out parks
A time in the day considered not suitable for starting any new work

by Ron Reed

from Harper's Magazine, December 2013
From explanatory subtitles in the U.S. edition of
The Encyclopedia of Hinduism
photo by King Douglas