Sunday, December 20, 2015

every man heart lay down | lorenz graham

Long time past
Before you papa live
Before him papa live
Before him pa's papa live --

Long time past
Before them big tree live
Before them big tree's papa live --
That time God live.

And God look on the world
What He done make
And Him heart no lay down.
And He walk about in the town
To see the people
And He sit down in the palaver house
To know the people
And He vex too much.
And God say
"Nev mind.
The people no hear My Word
The pople no walk My way
Nev mind.
I going break the world and lose the people
I going make the day dark
And the night I going make hot.
I going make water that side where land belong
And land that side where water belong.
And I going make a new country
And make a new people."

Now this time
God's one small boy -- Him small pican -- hear God's Word
And the pican grieve for people
So he go fore God's face
And make talk for him Pa.
"Pa, I come for beg You," so he say
"I come for beg You,
Don't break the world
What You done make.
Don't lose the people
What You done care for.
I beg You
Make it I go
I talk to people
I walk with people
Bye-m-bye they savvy the way."

And the pican go down softly softly
And hold God's foot.
So God look on Him small boy
And Him heart be soft again
And God say
"Aye My son,
When you beg me so
I no can vex.
Left me now, but hear me good:
If you go you must be born like a man
And you must live like a man
And you must have hurt and have hunger.
And hear me good:
Men will hate you
And they will flog you
And bye-m-bye they will kill you
And I no going put My hand there."

And the pican say
"I agree!"

And bye-m-bye God call Mary
To be Ma for the pican
Now Mary be new wife for Joseph
And Joseph ain't touch Mary self
So first time Joseph vex.
But God say
"Nev mind, Joseph.
This be God palaver."
And Joseph heart lay down.

And God see one king who try for do good
For all him people
And God say
"Ahah, Now I send My son
For be new king."
And God send star to call the king.

And in a far country
God hear a wise man call Him name
And God say to the wise man
"I send My son to be new wise man,
Go now with the star."
And the star call
And the wise man follow.

And by the waterside
Men lay down for take rest
And they hear fine music in the sky
Like all the stars make song,
And they fear.
And all the dark make bright like day
And the water shine like fire
And no man can savvy
And they hearts turn over.
But God's angel come
And God's angel say
"Make glad, all people,
God's pican be born in Bethlehem."
And the people say "Oh."

And the wise man and the king
And the country people come to Bethlehem
And the star come low and stop.
But when they go for mansion house
The star no be there.
And when they go for Big Man's house
The star no be there.
And bye-m-bye when they go for hotel
The star no be there gain --
But the wise man say
"Ahah, the star be by the small house
Where cattle sleep!"
And it was so.

And they find Joseph and Mary
And the small pican
Fold up in country cloth
And the king bring gold for gift
And the wise man bring fine oil
And the country people bring new rice.

And they look on the God pican
And every man heart lay down.