Friday, October 26, 2012

Rick Miller & Daniel Brooks, "The Fab Four Gospels"

The Gospels according to Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. Ladies and gentlemen, "The Beatles."

The Evangelist Mark - the Beatle Ringo: the oldest, the shortest, builds a solid rhythm for the others, nothing flashy.

Matthew - George: more spiritual, occasionally adds a composition of his own to the mix.

Luke - Sir Paul: the chatty one, the friendly one. Everyone likes Luke, everyone likes Paul. They have prolific solo careers. Luke writes "Acts of the Apolstles," Paul writes "Band on the Run."

John - John: the poet, more controversial than the rest. Gets himself and the others into trouble. These three (Paul, George & Ringo) are similar enough in style, tone, and story elements to be grouped together. Scholars call them the Synoptic Gospels.

John's Gospel is a completely different animal...

from the stage play BIGGER THAN JESUS

Editor's note: Contemporary scholars differ on the precise Bible-Beatle correspondence (e.g., cf Shea, Lisa; JFK & Jesus