Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas presence | set lists

A standard feature of Christmas Presence performances is people wanting to track down their favourite pieces after the show, or to follow up with the musicians they've heard. Because we make up our set list new every night, there's no program listing or anything like that, so unless you catch somebody after the show, these remarkable pieces and artists can easily slip by.

So we've taken to posting our set lists after the show. Here are links to the specific posts for various dates right here (between Garrison Keillor and Annie Dillard, below).  There's also an index to various of the pieces we've actually posted online over the years, right here.

sun, dec 8

wed, dec 11
thu, dec 12
fri, dec 13
sat, dec 14 | all-request matinee
sat, dec 14 | eve
sun, dec 15 | north shore

wed, dec 18
thu, dec 19
fri, dec 20
sat, dec 21 | matinee
sat, dec 21 | eve
sun, dec 22 - valley

"And you ought to have seen all the things that was in that wagon. Apples 'n' real oranges y'know, and stripe-itty candy, and nuts. And mama, she was holdin' the baby in her arms and she peeked over in there an she just caught her breath. And we all started talkin at the same time, askin momma what this was and what that was..."

 John Henry Faulk, "Christmas Story" (or, "A Child's Christmas In Texas")